Interview with the experts: Why Access Credit Union is a great place to work

Meet Larry Davey, CEO of Access Credit Union.

We sat down with Larry to talk about what makes Access a great place to work, and why Access has been named a Top Employer for the last nine years.

Q: What makes Access a great place to work?

A: At Access Credit Union, we support a professional and innovative work environment with a corporate culture that uniquely embraces empowerment, accountability, and trust.

We recognize and value each employee's contributions to our success, which is why we offer competitive compensation, continuing education, and career advancement opportunities within our credit union.


Q: What benefits attract new employees to work at Access?

A: We have many exceptional employee benefits and are particularly proud that we offer our employees 100% paid health and dental benefits for employees in part-time and full-time positions. We strive to take care of employees by giving them a professional attire and wellness allowance of up to $500 and also offer a comprehensive professional development and continuing education program. The bonus of working for a credit union is we also have countless staff banking options that offer great products and rates.


Q: What would be surprising to new employees about working at Access?

A: We have paid family leave time for part-time and full-time employees as we understand the demands of life and family commitments that our employees have.

Volunteering is also a huge part of our identity and values, this past year our employees logged over 7,000 volunteer hours! Because of our employees’ efforts, Access is also able to donate annually to organizations that support our communities. Last year I’m proud to share that we reached 607 organizations and invested over $1.5 million into our communities.


Q: What makes Access a Top Employer?

A: Access has been named one of Manitoba’s top employers since 2014, and has also been selected as one of Canada’s best employers for recent grads.

We offer tuition subsidies to help prioritize the professional development of our employees, we also have a defined contribution pension plan, year-end bonuses and staff banking benefits, which contribute to the many reasons why we continue to be named a top employer.

Our focus on community is also a big part, as we encourage our employees to get involved with volunteering and the organization matches employees’ charitable donations through our Jeans for Charity program.


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