What is a Builder’s Mortgage?


Are you thinking about building a new home? The process can be fun and exciting, but figuring out the financial part can be a journey. Access Credit Union aims to make the process as simple as can be with our Builder’s Mortgage —construct your new home and pay for it in stages as it is being built.


Direct contact with your Access Credit Union mortgage specialist

Our mortgage experts have considerable experience with construction mortgages and can help you through this complex process. We are available to meet at your convenience to ensure you have all the facts before starting the process. Our team of mortgage specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry.


Quick in-house approval process

Our mortgage specialists are the direct decision-makers on approvals. The underwriting process is done right at application time to ensure the member is always aware of their application status.

Though no two construction projects are the same, we will consider the value of the land, the purchase price, the cost of materials, and any sweat equity as well as the appraised value in determining the necessary down payment and payment terms.

Once construction is underway, you will be required to make regular interest payments on the funds that have been advanced, according to the completion stage of your home.

When construction is complete and the mortgage is fully advanced, regular principal and interest payments begin.


Interest rate locked at the first draw

Members benefit from having the interest rate locked in right at the first draw. There is no risk of interest rate increases. Members will also only pay interest on the funds advanced during the construction process and the interest rate is calculated at their actual mortgage rate. This allows better cash flow as most members are still paying rent/mortgage during the build process.


Self-insured mortgage

At Access Credit Union, we can provide up to 90% financing on an owner-occupied purchase without involving the mortgage insurer and at a reduced premium.


Ready to get started?

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