What You Need to Have Ready for a Mortgage Pre-Approval

When you get a mortgage with Access, we want to make sure you get the right mortgage solution for you. Here is a list of documents you should have ready for your mortgage pre-approval.

To start, you must have the following:

  • Social insurance number
  • Two pieces of government-issued ID

You will need to present either two primary or one primary and one secondary.

Primary ID sources:

  • Driver’s license (Canadian)
  • Passport (Canadian or foreign)
  • Permanent Resident Card

Secondary ID sources:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Major Canadian credit card


Proof of income:

One or more of the following documents will need to be presented.

  • Most recent T4 and recent pay stub
  • Two most recent pay stubs
  • Two years of personal income tax returns, including notice of assessment (if self-employed)
  • Most recent notice of assessment and pay stub
  • Letter of employment and pay stub


  • List of assets
    • Investments
    • Proof of down payment (A 90-day history of the down payment funds may be required)
    • Other real estate assets
    • Owned property
    • Vehicles and recreational vehicles (year, make, model)
  • List of liabilities
    • Mortgage statement including monthly payment amount
    • Car loans
    • Child or spousal support payments
    • Co-signed or guaranteed loans
    • Credit card balances
    • Existing mortgages
    • Personal loans and/or lines of credit
    • Property tax bill amount
    • Student loans

Ready to get pre-approved for your home purchase? Visit our mortgage page for more information. You can also talk to your local branch or call our Member Solutions Centre to get started.